We all have traits or features about ourselves that we see as flaws. My challenge to all of you is to find the positives in those faults and how they make you a little bit more you.

As well as a slightly self indulgent agenda to ask for people to keep returning to my blog, commenting on my posts (please do or I will feel pretty stupid), subscribing to my blog, as well as you telling your friends to read this. I’m setting you, all 3 or 4 of you, a challenge…

What is something you see as a flaw, and what makes it a good thing?

Obviously, I cannot ask you to do this without also exposing myself a bit, so here goes.

I give people a lot of chances.

Why I see it as a bad thing:
When people are untruthful or unkind, I find a reason to forgive them, even if they do it time and time again. Because of this, I can get hurt or am let down by others.

What makes it a good thing:
My job can be a tough one, and we come across many troubled children who sometimes, can be difficult to warm to. For some reason or another they lash out and retaliate and give up. This is where this giving chances thing works out for me. I manage, more often than not, to break down the barriers and start gaining trust with those children quite quickly, and sometimes to their annoyance. I don’t give up on those kids because at the back of my head that voice keeps saying to give them one more chance…
I’ve only recently made this connection, and it’s a lot more reassuring than you might think.

Your turn! Post your ‘flaw’ in the comments and I might add more of mine as the month goes on.


7 thoughts on “Flawed”

  1. Flaw: I try to please everyone

    Why it’s bad: I’m too busy worrying about everyone else and how to please them I usually forget to please myself

    Why it’s good: it makes me kind and caring and those are good traits to have 🙃


  2. I worry too much about EVERYTHING! Am I doing my job right? Am I being a good mum? What if people think I look stupid? Infact I worry about what people think of me full stop.

    Why I think this is a negative – it’s hindered me for so long especially trying new things or new looks that I worry (haha) I’ve missed out.

    Why I’m starting to see this as a positive – I’m getting better at being less concerned and to be honest if I didnt worry I wouldn’t be me. Though I’ve toughened up since becoming a mummy to your surrogate nephew! Xx


  3. I tend to take things very personally.

    I pour my heart and soul into things and when I’m criticised, I find it hard to take and get upset easily. I’ve tried to develop a thicker skin and will continue to try but I know that the reason I get upset when I’m criticised is because I care and I’m passionate about what I do.


  4. Flaw – I’m always/continually putting others needs first and forgetting myself in the process

    Negative: I end up neglecting what I need to make me feel happy and secure. People end up thinking they can walk over me and take me for granted, leaving me drained of positive energy.

    Positive: This trait allows me to have empathy for others’ situations and help people resolve difficulties they’re experiencing when going through tough times. Also allows me to relate to and connect with people on their own level.


  5. Flaw: I value myself by how I think other people see me.

    Why it’s bad: I have no idea how those people see me and I often give my view of their view a negative twist which makes me feel bad about myself (?).

    Why it’s good: I guess it forces more communication (since I want to know if I’ve actually done something wrong) which makes me a more open person.


  6. Flaw: I don’t like conflict.

    Why it is a bad thing: Quite often I find myself in situations that I do not want to be in. I end up in these situations because I have agreed to them to avoid conflict. For example, if I have asked my partner to wash the dishes (as I prepared/cooked the meal that dirtied the dishes) and by the next morning he hasn’t washed them, I will do it myself because I don’t want to cause a fight over something so small. As a result, I always feel tired because I end up doing so much in a day (full time work, cooking/preparing every meal for 2 people, walking my dogs, cleaning the house, exercising, managing/worrying about personal finances etc).

    Why it is a good thing: Although I sometimes end up doing things that I do not want to be doing, my avoidance of conflict means that I pick my battles very carefully. I have been in a relationship for nearly 7 years now and I believe that avoiding conflict over the little things (and only causing a scene over the more important/larger things) has greatly contributed to the relationship’s longevity.


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