Favourite moments from holidays

I’ve mentioned a few times now about my enthusiasm for travel, so I thought it was about time that I shared some of my favourite places and experiences. They are not in any particular sequence or order, just listed and explained. I’m sure that some of you have been to these places or have had similar moments yourself. Some of you may have even been on that particular holiday with me. We all have those life changing  or altering moments, and the best ones come most unexpectedly. Not all moments are travel related, so I’m keeping those ones out.

309390_10151144648896019_688320394_nLocation: Outside Sacre Coeur, Montmatre, Paris.

When: May 2012

I had just split up with the guy I had moved to London with and was quite shaken by it. Moving over was my dream, but the first few months were made a little easier by having someone to share the decisions with. I was coming to terms with the fact I was dealing with a lot of emotion without a support network…and I got an offer from a good friend to join her for a part of her pre-moving to London holiday, which I jumped on. I had been to Paris before, and it was never a question of if I would go again, just a matter of when. (I have now been there 4 times and would still go back!)

We were up there, just enjoying the view and the atmosphere, and I started to feel quite emotional. At first it confused me, but then I realised it was all because I knew that I could do this all on my own, and succeed. I began to make the changes I needed to as soon as I returned home to London, and haven’t looked back since. This photo was taken on that day.

It is the first time I truly felt strong.


12920439_10156724954350075_3359206079501922560_nLocation: On a veranda in the middle of nowhere, Lake District, England.

When: February 2016

I was on a holiday with one of my besties, and had gone outside one of the nights because it was finally clear and I wanted to look at the stars. The longer I was out there the more I could see so I called my friend out to join me. I had wrapped myself in a doona/duvet to keep warm, and she didn’t have any slippers, so she stood on my feet so she didn’t get her socks wet and we just looked at the stars for a while before we got the giggles. It cemented that she is a friend for life.


267383_10150336934981019_6761772_nLocation: Southbank, between The Globe and London Bridge, London.

When: August 2011

This photo was taken just after I arrived in London with all my worldly possessions in my suitcase. I was lucky enough to have been met at London Bridge station by one of my high school girlfriends, who, because of my tired, jet-lagged and hungry state, then made my decisions for me for the rest of the day. They were basically, “No, you cannot go to bed yet,” “It’s too early for dinner, I’m going to make you wait for a while, you can have a snack,” and “We are taking your suitcase back to mine then going for a walk.”

She took me to the river to let me see the sights, to make sure that even in my tired delirium, I knew that I had arrived. We then walked down to The Globe Theatre (She knows me well) and I geeked out a bit. Then she let me eat actual food!

I knew my adventure had begun. I still stand on the spot on London Bridge where we stopped and just looked around us, and that spot outside The Globe, and remember that day and those emotions.


When it all comes down to it though, none of these moments were monumental. None of them. They were not massive and instantly life changing in that exact moment. It is rarely that we ever actually recognise these as anything of particular importance until long after when we are thinking back to them. They never cause a huge life turn around, but instead start steering us in new directions or towards something new that we are not even aware of yet.

For me, it is the memory of these moments that are what I like going back to in my moments of weakness, when I feel alone, defeated or just plain old exhausted.


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