There is one sentence that explains so much…

I’m my profession you often find yourself doing slightly abnormal things, or asking for odd things from friends, or sharing strange stories that others overhear. When you follow it with one certain sentence, the person initially confused suddenly connects all the pieces and finds your behaviour slightly more acceptable.

That sentence? ‘I’m a primary school teacher.’

I am noticing this more and more, so I thought I would compile a list of times I have needed this sentence, or thought it would easily explain away why I am doing something. I would love for any teachers out there are more than welcome to add to the list in the comments. There is no way that I have covered every scenario.

  1. Collecting handfuls of free newspapers at the train station for an art/DT/construction project.
  2. Cleaning and collecting old food containers (for holding paint, or junk modelling, or to store those tiny little things that really support that one student but they keep getting lost in their tray). And asking friends/family/housemates to do the same.
  3. Explaining injuries or infections to the doctor or chemist. They then just have a knowing laugh and give you what you need without any other questions.
  4. Wanting to see the latest kids film because you kinda want to know what your students are raving about.
  5. People questioning how many children you have because you refer to your students as ‘my kids’ or you are telling a story about, ‘one of my boys’.
  6. Keeping toilet rolls.
  7. Buying very large quantities of food (for a cooking lesson). Who needs 70 eggs!?!
  8. Being covered in glitter/ having an odd twitch whenever you are near glitter.
  9. Having multiple pens and markers in your bag.
  10. Finding random things in your coat pockets (when you are in our with non teachers) that you have taken off children. A Pokemon card, a pink hair clip, a random piece of maths equipment and a tiny pencil is not a normal combination of things to fall out of a pocket.

Your turn! What odd things have you had to try and explain because of this profession?



3 thoughts on “There is one sentence that explains so much…”

  1. I’m in secondary so we don’t do as much collecting of newspapers and food containers (I occasionally used to for certain maths projects back when I was still in the classroom). I still like to keep up-to-date with all the films they like though. At least that’s my excuse for indulging my inner-nerd and going to see all the latest superhero films. Weirdly, despite no longer being classroom based and never having much indulged in ‘crafty’ activities, I regularly find myself covered in glitter…


  2. Although I am not a teacher, I can completely relate to many of these things. The sentence I have used regularly throughout my life to describe why I am doing or collecting odd things is “My mother is a Primary School Teacher”. When I was a child, I remember thinking that my mum must love her students, or as she called them, cherubs, more than me! I also remember assisting her in collecting odd items for “school projects” such as milk bottles, milk bottle tops, magazines, toilet paper or paper towel rolls. In addition, I am her go-to dance choreographer (having danced since I was 2 years old) when she decides to enter her school into performing arts competitions!


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