By The River

In my very first post, I mentioned that I have been dabbling in writing a variety of things for a while now, one of those being poetry. There is a part of London that I love walking through and will often set off on that walk if I need a break, or some thinking time, or to just escape the business of the world for a while and just appreciate life.

The following poem is one of the first things I had written as an adult, purely for my own pleasure, and I often still reflect on the same things when I am walking along the particular section where I stopped and wrote it.

This was written during a walk along the River Thames on 2nd March 2014.

There is something about
Walking along the river at Battersea,
It feels like your own private river

Listening to the hum of the wind through the buildings,
Watching the water gently flow by,
The occasional runner jogs past,
But they do not disturb.

Surrounded by the sounds of civilisation.
Sirens, cars, people in their kitchens,
And still so peacefully alone.

It's one of the things I love about here,
You can always escape,
Just for a moment,
To be alone.

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