It is amazing how ‘life gets in the way’ of us doing what makes us feel good, what makes us relax and be a better person. Life admin takes up so much of our spare time that things that we want to achieve just don’t end up happening. Or we revert to the same old routine that we don’t discover something new. Add winter into that equation and things fall behind.

I cannot believe how many blog posts I have half written, then left to come back to over the past few months. Yes things have been busy; visiting other places, visitors from other places, phone calls, organising, cleaning, holiday planning…

But somehow with all that going on I have neglected to do something that I enjoy. I have spent so much time reading or in front of the telly in my downtime for the last few months that even though I have the app for this on my phone, I don’t even complete posts on my commute like I used to. I just read. Don’t get me wrong, I think that reading is a brilliant way to spend time. I have read close to 20 books so far this year! Books give you the chance to learn, to see things through other peoples eyes, to escape to new worlds or times. But that is another conversation topic.

As I realised how many things that I enjoy, and do for me, that I haven’t really been doing lately, and for no particular reason, it got me wondering, who else is letting life get in the way of doing things they enjoy? What things do others want to have return to their lives?


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