There is one sentence that explains so much…

I’m my profession you often find yourself doing slightly abnormal things, or asking for odd things from friends, or sharing strange stories that others overhear. When you follow it with one certain sentence, the person initially confused suddenly connects all the pieces and finds your behaviour slightly more acceptable.

That sentence? ‘I’m a primary school teacher.’

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The Road Not Taken

When I was in my final year of secondary school, we had to study the idea of ‘Journeys’ in our English course. As a part of it we were given some materials to study as a class, and also had to source some of our own. There is one particular poem that was in the booklet of study that appealed to me way back then and it very often comes into my mind.

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Favourite moments from holidays

I’ve mentioned a few times now about my enthusiasm for travel, so I thought it was about time that I shared some of my favourite places and experiences. They are not in any particular sequence or order, just listed and explained. I’m sure that some of you have been to these places or have had similar moments yourself. Some of you may have even been on that particular holiday with me. We all have those life changing¬† or altering moments, and the best ones come most unexpectedly. Not all moments are travel related, so I’m keeping those ones out.

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We all have traits or features about ourselves that we see as flaws. My challenge to all of you is to find the positives in those faults and how they make you a little bit more you.

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So disconnected

When 2017 started, I put myself on hiatus from a certain social media platform. Mainly to get myself out of the appalling, time wasting habit of just scrolling through and not even paying attention to the version of life that people choose to show. In doing this I have noticed a number of things, about my own habits, and the habits of our modern-day, always connected, digital society.

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Why do we hide from it?

It has always been important to me to talk about mental health issues. It is still a thing that people keep quiet about and suffer in silence, without the support they need, for fear of appearing weak or incapable. How we deal with this needs to change. We cannot afford to let our friends, or our colleagues deal with it on their own.

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30 thing I have achieved which are pretty cool by the time I turned 30

Turning 30 is not all that bad

As my 30th birthday approaches, a lot of people have asked me how I feel about it. They, more often than not, seem surprised when I respond with, “I can’t wait” or “bring it on!” 30 is one of those milestone birthdays where certain things seem to be expected of your life. Engagement, marriage, house, children. None of those things are a part of mine. I am single, a renter, and almost 30. So what have I done with my life?

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